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Go Further On A Tank Of Gas! (Updated) - Part 1 by Jeff Burch

Posted on Mon, Jan 23, 2012

Worried and feeling helpless because your budget's been blown out of proportion due to the skyrocketing prices of gasoline? Solution: Get into the habit of using the following gas saving tips and ideas that will help you go further on a tank of gas.
1. Be smart and wise when purchasing gasoline: Regular grade fuel costs about 20-40 cents per gallon less than premium grade. However, using regular gas in a car intended to run on premium can quickly destroy an engine. Conversely, using premium gas in a car intended to run on regular wastes gas, money and causes car problems. Check your vehicle owner's manual to find out what type of gas is right for your car.

2. Check the Internet for cheapest gas prices: Find the lowest gas prices in your area by using the sites below:

3. Nationwide gas discount and rebate gas station finder:
To find the nearest gas station that gives gas discounts for paying in cash or rebates/rewards by utilizing certain credit cards, visit:

4. Credit and debit cards: Some credit and debit cards provide reward points, coupons or other benefits for purchasing gas. For a list of credit cards that offer gas discounts, rebates, etc., visit:


(Updated) Go Further On A Tank Of Gas! by Jeff Burch will continue tomorrow on the Trans World Assurance Blog with PART 2 - Tips 5 thru 7 .

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